Pixie Meta About Us

At PixieMeta we want our games to be fun, played from all differents corners of the world and provide a sharable and entertaining experience!
We aim to release titles that can create impact and accelerate the transition of sustainable jobs in the Metaverse.

Our team is focused on an innovation engine with world-class gameplay as the ultimate goal. Everything we do is about inspiring the world to play and earn.
Believing that participating in the gaming community should be a fun, fair and rewarding experience for everyone. PixieMeta has put itself to the task to learn more about our gaming community, by reinventing how video games are played and owned by combining machine learning, immersive gameplay and blockchain technology.

We develop cryptocurrency-based games which integrate NFTs for digital content, enhancement and utilities.
Rewarding players with unique items with verifiable ownership can sustain the eco-system, allowing buying, selling and trading content within all our games designed to provide amazing depth and fun for decades to come.

We are equally committed to creating a workplace that fosters creativity and innovation and is as diverse as the communities we serve. The power of community owned and play to earn games is exciting and we strive to create the next phase in human play.

We want to inspire and positively impact the world through our actions, this is a journey of continuous transparency and improvement. Our decades of experience in technology and advertising open the door to exclusive relationships in various industries such as finance and iGaming which allows us to co-create win-win partnerships.

PixieMeta Studios aspires to become a next generation meta-entertainment content creator and game development with the goal of creating premium quality products for the global market that push the boundaries between games and sustainable jobs.

As the CTO, Danny Ahumada brings many years of experience having worked building technologies for game franchises such as CallofDuty and Overwatch.
Danny has extensive knowledge in level, world and system design as an Engineer and entrepreneur.

PixieMeta studio is currently working on its first original development using latest Unreal 5 Engine and Unity.
The studio is led by Giancarlo Cappuccio, a passionate tech entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in growing teams focused in sales and conversions and Gianfranco Cappuccio as Product Director, with over 10 years of experience of creative product design for online brands.

PixieMeta is hiring, you can check out our job opportunities, Click here or go to Careers at the top.

PixieMeta Studios is a world-class, independent game development and publisher Studio founded in January 2022.
Our team is global and we have have offices and operations in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

To learn more about us, visit our website PixieMeta and make sure to follow our social media channels.