About Us

Welcome to Pixie Meta! A mobile gaming company founded in 2022 by a group of video game enthusiasts, all driven by the goal of creating high-quality games that bring tons of joy and excitement to all our players around the world. As a community-focused company, we strive to develop games that deeply resonate with our players by combining exceptional storytelling with innovative mechanics to forge unforgettable experiences.

Our purpose

At Pixie Meta, our mission is to create unique and unforgettable games. We focus on fun and innovative experiences. Our games blend storytelling with new gameplay mechanics. This mix aims to advance casual gaming and improve player experiences. We are a community-focused company. We strive to make games that our players love and share

Our culture

The culture is the essence of our company’s identity. We firmly believe that fostering a happy and positive culture is a valuable asset that is going to significantly impact the satisfaction of our team members and overall business success.

Our Core Values serve as the bedrock of this culture, guiding our actions, decisions, and interactions every step of the way.